At Mind's Eye, we understand that today's networks are multi-layer environments that support servers, desktops, bandwidth-intensive applications, audio, visual, and data transmittal over common or disparate networks. Our network services create an infrastructure that provides cost-effective management, data protection, and information sharing.

Network Management:

Mind's Eye is proficient in many areas, but we excel in network management. Our professionals have years of experience in proposing, configuring, and implementing network storage solutions. Our consultants were there at the inception of Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Networked Attached Storage (NAS). As a company, we have focused our expertise in leveraging these technologies for our clients' use as they prepare to propel their businesses into the future.

We offer a variety of services to help you design and build your network in a timely manner, based on your expectations, and within budget. Partnering with industry leaders, Mind's Eye offers a comprehensive suite of services to manage you network; Both local and wide-area.

As your business grows, so grows your network. When you work with Mind's Eye you collaborate with a partner who will continue to recommend performance improvements including network upgrades and reconfiguration services. We will provide real time information with which you can make decisions to replace or upgrade the appropriate components of your network. One of the benefits of "networking" with Mind's Eye is that we will analyze and report on each of your network segments and provide reports and graphs displaying the state of your network.

We know that finding an effective and affordable way to manage your network environment is critical. Cost containment is always an issue and high on everyone's enterprise wish list. This, however, does not diminish the requirement for maximum uptime, rapid end user response, and the swift deployment of new services on an on-going basis. Mind's Eye's technical consultants have invaluable experience that they use in analyzing your business in order to establish a high performance, fault tolerant network.

Mind's Eye's network management services include:

  • A geographical definition of your system's connectivity including ports, protocols, details of applied filters, and configuration topology
  • Multipurpose network documentation that shows mission critical application data path and dependencies

In addition, our documentation enables you to visualize your entire network infrastructure, which improves design and operations. It empowers you to be proactive about your information assets, which in turn improves business continuance. Finally, it enables resistance to workforce turnover.

Mind's Eye is committed to understanding your needs and delivering the most appropriate strategy. Additionally, we understand that the solution will encompass hardware and software technology. To that end, we have developed strategic partnerships with our technology providers to give your business the best practices, most up-to-date approach possible.

The question is not why use Mind's Eye, but how your company can afford not to utilize its numerous advantages to make your company's network more robust, more integrated, and more effective.

Data Protection:

Mind's Eye knows that the information contained in your network is critical to your business. A single server malfunction can interrupt your supply chain, create dissatisfied customers, and ultimately cause loss of revenue. Mind's Eye offers a complete information security analysis evaluation and a customized protection solution.

We know you and your staff are faced with an assortment of alternatives-servers with integrated redundant features, clustering (high availability configurations of two or more systems), and fault tolerant solutions-all offering a continuum of stability.

Mind's Eye begins with an evaluation of your company's technology infrastructure. Then we evaluate your network environment and data systems. Whatever your environment, Mind's Eye architects a backup strategy and plan around your specific business needs.

Simply put, Mind's Eye does not just enable appropriate backups of your data; if necessary, we can repair, restore and validate. We also:

  • Develop system administration plans to alleviate common system failures, disasters, or emergencies-file corruption, hardware failure, power surges, fire, theft, etc.
  • Prepare and maintain backup media tracking systems
  • Verify and ensure integrity of backups
  • Restore files from backup media
  • Reinstall and repair operating systems
  • Maintain, reinitialize, restore or repair disk drives

Mind's Eye offers you a complete and practical network security solution. We feel that our solution is operational rather than a limited product approach that uses only point products, like a firewall or application restrictions. Mind's Eye understands that security management is as dynamic and ever-changing as your organization and the data it generates.

Our security methodology consists of 5 steps which we feel creates an effective security management network:

  1. Establish a strong corporate security policy, which in turn provides the foundation for an effective security program.
  2. Establish configuration metrics to measure your network's state of security.
  3. Monitor your network using intrusion-detection tools positioned at strategic places to provide real-time visibility.
  4. Establish attack metrics and prepare for appropriate response.
  5. Test existing security safeguards. When point products are used, use them in combination-firewalls, AAA, and authentication.
  6. Manage and improve corporate security policies, procedures & controls.

Information Sharing:

Mind's Eye enables a centralized, sharable information network that supports shifting environments and essential applications. This leading-edge technology environment begins with physical devices shared between various operating environments and extends to specialized network capabilities that enhance the sharing of information between distinct platforms.

We can help your organization to consolidate data among widely-dispersed servers and storage systems, while supporting increasing amounts and types of company data. With Mind's Eye's methodology, servers that were once outside the immediate vicinity of your data center can now take advantage of the advanced information sharing, protection and management benefits of centralized network resources.

Mind's Eye can

  • Provide direct attachment to networks for high speed centralized data storage and data sharing without the need for a general purpose server
  • Provide simultaneous mainframe and open systems support for various systems
  • Facilitate high-speed bulk file transfer between distinct systems-mainframe, UNIX, and Windows based host platforms
  • Provide access to mainframe database information, extract it, and transfer it to UNIX and Windows based open systems relational databases

Mind's Eye uses the latest Fibre Channel & IP technology to provide your network storage systems with information sharing connectivity, distance accommodation, and throughput rates that are notably improved from those provided by traditional point-to-point connectivity methods. We implement a highly reliable message transport protocols that provides fast, scalable performance for connecting host servers and storage systems-centrally located or dispersed throughout your environment. With Mind's Eye's assistance, your organization can consolidate hundreds of servers-with untold amounts of information-into a virtual data center spanning the entire enterprise. In addition, Mind's Eye's advanced methodology for information sharing, protection, and management enables central monitoring and control of this virtual data center.

Because the performance of your network is so closely tied to the success of your business, we place emphasis on the effective and efficient use of your information while keeping it inline with the business objectives. To that end, Mind's Eye provides interchange monitoring information and patterns on each of your network regions. A network baseline can identify problematic traffic patterns and bottlenecks that could be detrimental to your network performance and your information access.

Mind's Eye understands that information is power, and the ability of your network to supply the necessary information to the appropriate people in a timely manner is a key measure of success.

Design, Architecture & Implementation:

Mind's Eye delivers consulting services designed to act as a roadmap for your network enterprise. We promise an efficient, cost effective, and industry-standard implementation. Our services encompass network assessment, through design, technology procurement, into implementation all the way to on-going maintenance & monitoring.

Using your current technology (hardware and software), standards and policies, and human resources, we will fashion a strategy for network management design, architecture, and implementation. Mind's Eye provides the architectural and technical expertise so that you do not single-handedly have to carry out a multi-phased, time-consuming effort.

Mind's Eye presents the necessary details and architectural visualization needed to design, operate, troubleshoot, support and maintain control of your network with a single set of comprehensive diagrams. We feel that your IT team must understand the structure of the network as a whole in order to conduct quick and effective problem identification, isolation and resolution.

Mind's Eye utilizes a combination of experienced consultants and industry leading vendor partnerships to stage, test, deploy and manage your network components. We pledge to deliver the latest technology, no matter how complex or how geographically dispersed your network may be. We will ensure that the design, architecture, and implementation are appropriate for your environment and meet your business needs.

We employ best practices and proven methodologies to accelerate the results you need without straining your resources. We ensure rapid and flawless implementation for every client, regardless of location.

Mind's Eye's planning and design services:

  • Identify your configuration, capacity, and availability processes and map them according to your level of network proficiency
  • Help define and articulate the business value that can result from improvements to your network
  • Establish a future strategy and direction for the network processes and organizational structure requirements

Mind's Eye's methodology begins with planning and scope definition and is used to schedule and determine your objectives and goals. Next, we facilitate meetings and interviews with project sponsor(s) and participants. We review current policies and procedures and determine and prioritize your goals and any potential obstacles. As Mind's Eye gathers knowledge and data, we coordinate and manage interviews with your staff and IT team regarding configuration, capacity, and availability management standards. We seek to understand your entire environment - processing, file systems, databases, network infrastructure, and application software-and work to create an architectural representation of your current environment. We will formulate a gap analysis between your current system and what you want to accomplish. Based on this gap analysis we develop a detailed road map of your IT infrastructure and formulate recommendations for the implementation steps necessary. Finally, Mind's Eye presents and reviews with you a written report on our findings and recommendations, risk assessment, and a proposed project plan.

Before we leave your engagement, we architect and implement a knowledge transfer-educating and training your management & staff. We do not consider the project complete until backup and recovery strategies are in place.

From design through architecture and implementation, your network solution is Mind's Eye!

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